Dear applicants!

How to choose a future carrier?

Romanticists believe that they can be as successful as Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Pragmatists look for opportunities that become available after graduating from the university. Is it really a secret for you that the most part of university graduates work by their degree? One of the reasons is a lack of demand on a received degree from employers. More than that, the market is overloaded with particular specialists. So, type in a search line “Fire safety vacancies” right now. According to appeared results you can understand where you could start working immediately. Fire safety is such sphere, where economic situation will be constantly improved because of the transformation of Russian people’ thinking from a well-known “somehow…”   to a serious approach to fire safety. People realize that negligence usually costs more than efforts needed for preventing fires.  Our goal is to provide you with a respectful occupation, highly sought on the modern labor market, so that you will never regret about your choice, with such occupation that will feed you for the whole life on the one hand and that will make the world better from the other. We have such approach to future specialists on our department that is aimed on effective receiving of special practical skills that will allow you, if you have a desire, to start earning money in the beginning of your study (surely, without any negative impact on it). A wide range of science researches, implemented on the department, availability of developmental capability will give you an opportunity to start researches, projecting and manufacturing activity and also to master work peculiarities not only theoretically but practically too. Graduates of our department have a real opportunity to create their own business in the sphere of fire safety.

And above all, we can talk a lot about your future career, so come to study at our department and we continue the conversation.

Head of fire safety department, Professor L. Tanklevskiy