About Us

patr_aboutFire safety department was founded in 2013 in connection with an extension of educational goals of Institute of military engineering and safety research of SPBSTU.

The department is an independent scientific educational structural unit of Institute of military engineering and safety research. The institute implements educational, methodical and research activities.

The raise of technological manufacturing power in different economical spheres, development of energetic capability, traffic infrastructure, construction of modern buildings are impossible without an appropriate level of fire safety. Nowadays fire safety turned into an independent branch of economy with the annual turnover of billions dollars. There are following parts of fire safety activity: designing of fire protection events, projecting, mounting and technical maintenance of fire-alarm systems, automatic extinguishing systems, smoke protection systems, evacuation control and fire-alerting systems etc…

As you know, the basis of successful activity in any sphere is a well-trained staff. However, despite an activity of many institutes and universities sponsored by government that prepare specialists in the spheres of extinguishing and fire oversight there is a complete lack of educational institutions where qualified specialists for working in business structures are prepared. The department is orientated on a preparation of specialists in the sphere of fire safety for projecting, mounting, exploitation, service, expert and other organizations that deal with design implementation of effective technical solutions, innovations, economically sound organization technologies and measures. In order to achieve this goal the emphasis is placed on giving fundamental knowledge, special practical skills and experience to solve scientific and developmental tasks. Today, there are many foreign construction and insurance companies represented on our market. They are leading manufacturers of the means of fire-automation and fire-protection. The department purposefully prepares specialists capable to work not only in local, but also in foreign companies represented on the territory of the Russian Federation. The heightened attention to learning the English language and studying foreign experience in fire protection sphere are the efforts to achieve this goal. The department is expected to provide students with the knowledge of normative-technical base used abroad (NFPA, FM, BS, EN, VdS).

The department has contractual relations with a number of research and production companies where students can do a practical training or a research work. Training units of JSC “Argus-Spectr” and GC “Gefest” are used in a studying process. Practical approach to a preparation of future specialists that is implemented on the fire safety department of Institute of military engineering and safety research guarantees graduates recognition and a high level of competitiveness on a labor market. Besides, received knowledge can be successfully used for creating an entrepreneurial venture.