About the department of fire safety

e40c4d_5afc75b50f684760968e895cb7d12a12.jpg_srz_p_300_186_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzWelcome to the website of the department the of Institute of military engineering and safety research of SPBSTU

The department is an independent scientific-learning structural subdivision of the Institute of military engineering and safety. It implements learning, tutorial and scientific research activities. The department is orientated to the preparation of specialists in the sphere of fire safety for design, erection, exploitation, service, expert and other organizations that work in the sphere of development and integration effective technical solutions, innovations economically reasonable organization and technologies. Besides, obtained knowledge and skills can be successfully practiced during the organization of the own business. The preparation of specialists is stressed on getting fundamental knowledge, special practical skills and proficiency in solving practical scientific and design-engineering tasks.


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  • 27 Mar 2018

    1st place in “The best innovative product” competition

    "Gefest" Enterprise group took the 1st place in "The best innovative product" competition on the international exhibition "Securika MIPS" 2018. The award

  • 13 Nov 2017

    1st place in “Security standard” contest

    "Gefest" Enterprise group has won the 1-st place in "Security standard" contest on the international fire-safety exhibition "Securika 2017" with   Read more...

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